Friday, July 5, 2013

Places to play Badminton in Boston

Where to play ?

The first thing to try is to register at "Boston Badminton" group, this meetup helps quickly get in touch with Badminton enthusiasts.
Some of the nice places that I have discovered are:

  • Westborough - You need a car to get here and is like 45 mins drive from Boston, but the best courts in this area.
  • Malden - I will add the exact address of the location, but there is a nice place to play badminton in Malden.
  • China Town YMCA - (Close to Tuffts Medical) The have badminton, 3 courts, only one of them has lines.
  • Boston University - This is with

Where to get racket and shuttlecocks ?

  • Westborough has everything you need.
  • Online : 

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U said...

Can you please tell me the address of the location in Malden?