Friday, July 12, 2013

Java Questions

  1. Java
    1. How does exception handling in Java work, tell me about the different types of exceptions in Java.
    2. What is Polymorphism ?
    3. What is hashcode ?
    4. How are hashcode and equals related ?
    5. How do threads communicate ?
    6. Write a code to iterate through a map and print its values.
    7. You have data that needs to be displayed on a webpage, exported to PDF and exported to XLS, how would you go about the implementation.
    8. What are generics ?
    9. What is the difference between protected and default scope ?
    10. How would you create a servlet ?
    11. What are filters used for?
    12. How do we take the thread dump?
  2. Java-script
    1. What is a JQuery selector ?
    2. Among the frameworks like Angular/extJs, etc which one do you prefer to use in a new project and why ?
    3. Do you know about closures in Javascript ?
  3. Database
    1. Tell me any area where you feel MySQL is better than Oracle ?
  4. General
    1. Tell me about your best career achievement.

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