Friday, December 31, 2010

Java baseurl

PHP has a simple function baseurl() for the same functionality I didn't find an easy equivalent in Java. the one I manage to search is the following.

String requestUri = request.getRequestURI();
String requestUrl = request.getRequestURL().toString();
String baseUrl = requestUrl.replace(requestUri, "");

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Second hand Bike Market in Bangalore

This place is walking distance from Minerva Circle follow the map for further reference Map.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Project Party at Amoeba

For 2k10 last quarter project party we went for bowling in Amoeba and then dinner in Pizza Hut, both in Jayanagar 4th Block. It is a lot of fun with you are in numbers around 20+ and the per head cost is also quite reasonable as it comes to around Rs 325. The only issue is that if your office in in e-city then you don't have a direct BMTC bus to 4th block and you have to place your own transport.
Pics from Rajou's camera

Ubuntu Line in Playback Note working ?

Can't hear audio which is routed into your PC's line level inputs? That's because said inputs are muted by default in Ubuntu

To un-mute the line level inputs: Launch the Terminal (Applications-->Accessories-->Terminal), type alsamixer at the prompt, and then tap the Enter button on your PC's keyboard.

You'll see what you have to do to un-mute your PC's line level inputs (your keyboard's left & right arrow keys navigate, the up & down keys increase & decrease levels, and the 'M' key mutes & un-mutes the selected audio input(s) or outputs).

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Samsung Galaxy i899 Switch off Internet

I didn't find any easy way to switch off the internet on my phone but to have a dummy internet connection and swicth between the two.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Clearcase tips.

Ever found yourself in a situation wherein you are working on a maintainance project and during the build phase PM comes and says "remember to maintain a list of files that you modify", I know this can be time consuming.
Here is a simple way to get your checked out files in a file if you are using clearcase
cd C:\sourcecodefolder
cleartool lsco -r -me -short>c:\checked_out_files_list.txt

find . -version "{created_since(2011-02-02)&& created_by(user1)}" -print

Sunday, December 12, 2010

GAE/J Download data from live to local datastore.

Download Data:   ~/me/apps/python/google_appengine/ download_data --application=bollywoodabc1 --kind=category --url= --filename=category

this one works even better
~/me/apps/python/google_appengine/ download_data --application=bollywoodabc1 --url= --filename=data --batch_size=2 --num_threads=2 --rps_limit=5

Restoring backup : ~/me/apps/python/google_appengine/ upload_data --batch_size=2 --num_threads=2 --rps_limit=10 --application=bollywoodabc1 --filename=data1 --url=http://localhost:8080/remote_api