Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Top 10 Android Applications

These are the top applications that I love in my Android phone
  1. Handcent SMS: because I love forwarding SMS to a group of my friends, I however didn't install any of the font packs available in the Android Market.
  2. RealPlayer: Full screen view of the movies that I watch on phone.
  3. My Tracks: I use this to keep track and benchmark my morking walk with this app.
  4. GTasks: If you like google tasks.
  5. Zedge: Nice wallpapers and ring-tones.
  6. Advanced Task Killer: Nice app to kill tasks running in background, if you are sick of battery getting drained out without much using the phone then it is high time for you to install this application and configure it to kill applications automatically when the screen is turned off.
  7. Sparse RSS: Nice RSS reader.
  8. GPS Test: Statistics based on GPS.
  9. Opera Mini: I like this mobile browser.
  10. Traffic Rush: A nice game.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Skype on Android 1.5 - Samsung Galaxy i899

Skype doesn't work atlest on my handset Samsung galaxy i899 as of now, there is no official version from Skype for this handset and the alternatives available like Nimbus have a bad voice quality.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Android : How to Forward SMS to a group

I recently bought Realiance CDMA Samsung Galaxy i899 phone, but I was surprised to see that it had no option to forward an SMS to a group of friends, after few days of research I am able to do the same
You first need to create groups, and to do that you need to first make sure that your address book is in sync with the gmail contacts list, once that is done , you can create groups in gmail contacts and the same will appear in the phone.
the second part of how to send message to a group can be accomplished by installing handsend SMS software from the Android market.