Sunday, September 27, 2009

My last month of being a bachelor.

This sounds scary, isint it. Somehow I don't feel scared or over exited or anything like that. One month from now I am going to get married with a girl whome I have known since quite some time now, I am happy that I am stepping into the next phase of this "circle of life", I don't know how most of the people at this stage would be feeling like but I am sure they too must be feeling some sort of mixed feelings including the fear that they i'll loose the indipendence that they are used to, increased financial focus to save and spend very conservatively, now you won't have to cook anymore :), a slight fear that the new person will gel well with your family or not, and finally a big time question of whether this is the starting point or the end point of happiness in your life.
Statistics collected from the people that I know who got married it looks like life becomes more stabilized and organised and you become a serious person. If you are a software developer I can put in simple words it is like you started using frameworks rather that adhoc coding methodologies :)
Last few weeks some of my friends put up a question to me saying you must be very exited as it is just around a month left for your marriage, humm.... it was a difficult question for me, I have asked this question to me many times that are people during this time on the seventh sky, or they are too troubled by the questions going in their head. because I for sure don't see my self on seventh sky but in my case I know her since quite some time and so the understanding is quite clear and the question don't seem to bother me a lot, and thats when I start analyzing that I am so boring kind of a person, or people of my age group closing in to thirty become like this.
I am quite positive overall, I am not working too hard on it, not changing anything in my lifestyle, not planning too much and just trying to wait and watch how life takes this twist.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Which internal TV Tuner should you buy for Linux (Ubuntu 9.04)

If you are in India there is a TV tuner available with the name Tech Com ( SSD-TV-675) this card works out of box with Ubuntu 9.10, it has a Philips 7130 chipset.

Work with Messaging Queues (JMS) without an Application Server

Ever been to a situation where your web application running on Tomcat has to exchange messages with a queue (JMS) , try Mule ESB.

Java Interview Questions

These questions my previous company used to ask during an interview session.

difference between abstraction & encapsulation.
difference between aggregation and composition.
what is polymorphism
difference between method overloading and method overriding.
what is dynamic class loading and static class loading
what are class variables

what is the difference between class variables and instance variables are static variables class variables.

what do know about serialization
explain collection framework hirerchy
what is the difference between arraylist and vector
what are webservices
how do u create a request for webservice
format of response from webservice
explain MVC architecture
what is the use of TAG libraries in JSP
life cycle of formbean (in struts) when it is called first time etc.
in context to struts, how do you show errors in JSP