Thursday, September 29, 2011

Save the best

Even though we may be unaware of it but most of us have this tendency - to save the best. I recall my school days when I was very much into western music I used to collect and maintain a decent collection of music tapes.
In those times where Hindi music cassettes used come for 22Rs English cassettes used to cost over a 100Rs, even though this luxury was quite beyond my reach I still used to save for it and buy my fav ones, The bigger problem in those days was that you have so many friends and if they know that you have all this great stuff it goes into a circulation with no return guarantee. On the other hand I used to love my music so much that sometimes with the fear of a tape may go bad, I used to first make a copy of it and then listen the copy.
Eight years ago, one day I left my hometown looking for a job in Delhi, I still remember that day clearly that I could feel my baggage and how I have no option but to shed some of the load of it in order to move ahead, it was a very sad day of my life as all the feelings that were coming while leaving my town I was also feeling down that I will never be able to use my stuff ever again, two box full of rare oldies music - and my bag was too small to carry the boxes along.
Each day life keeps becoming complex and busier, and these old memories and hobbies keep fading.
Bangalore is a place with heavy traffic on roads, my 14Km office commute take over an hour, I usually watch movies and TV serials in bus, This let to another hobby of watching movies and TV series.
Within a short span of less than a year I watched hundreds of good movies and download over 3 TB movies on my machine.
Last week I was thinking of buying a new Disk to accommodate more movies and this is when I again felt the same thing about music tapes - That even though it is going fine for the time being will I have enough time in future to enjoy what I am collecting. I don't have an answer to this and so this leads to that instead of buying a new disk I should delete the movies that I have already seen and free up space.