Monday, November 1, 2010

One year completed.

Me and Charu have completed one year of married life, life is so hectic these days that I am not feeling many things but felt nice when relatives called and wished us. many thinks to Dhiraj Ji and Ravi who wished me and shame on me I never even knew your birthdays :(
Coming back to the main topic, This one year has been full of events and learnings. Best things first ... I am feeling a lot different far more organized and complete like I had home made food in this journey to Delhi in train ( earlier I used to eat that IRCTC crap :) )
One year .. initially the honeymoon period, then came a phase when our differences started surfacing and we had a lot of fights, misunderstandings etc. slowly we learned how to get over these things and things started stabilizing. We are more tolerant and understanding now, looks like the fight phase was a good doze.
Also ever since I have been married I don't why but a lot times my mom has disappointed me a lot, she will say something which is right as per her, but since I married in a different caste the culture difference proves costly sometimes it becomes a family mess. This was ( is ) the biggest hurdle to overcome, I had to talk to my mom so many times to gear up to the modern times and bridge the culture gap.
My Papa is really cool in this context I love this personality in all the context but this part of his life is simply outstanding, how we'll he understands my issues.
I used to ask a lot of my friends after they got married as to how is life after marriage, in fact I was afraid of it that time, I am not, now. In fact life improves to a lot of extent once things stabilize. You start planning to next 5 , 10 years in your mind, something that we don't think about much when we are single.

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