Friday, November 26, 2010


This reminds me of the funny incidences in Seinfled when George used to say "I always wanted to pretend as an Architect", "I can be an architect" etc.

I too always wanted to be an Architect, not that one, but Technology Architect, My Inclination towards technical side rather than management was because I had faced a hard time managing a small team in one of my previous company and it was then that I understood that I am too soft to become a manager.

Few days ago I got an email from the HR saying that you have been promoted to be a Technology Architect, at once I was happy because this is what I wanted to be since long but very soon I also started realizing the fact that am I really good enough to hold this designation

I have seen a few really good architects in my company and when I compare myself with them I find myself lagging far behind. We all often find ourselves in a situation where we are supposed to be what we never have been before and the initial time in any such situation is difficult, because the transition is hard to accept

The funny part is that you are happy with the new compensation and benefits but you find it difficult to accept the new roles and responsibilities.

I am striving hard to learn technologies as soon and as much as possible so as to rightly justify my salary some day.

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