Monday, November 9, 2009

Wedding shopping in Delhi

Two weeks back me and my bro. were shopping for my wedding, I earlier decided to wear suit but then after discussion with my friends I finalized to sherwani, looking for suit for my bro we went though a lot of shops in karol bagh but we didn't find anything that justified the price. we then shifted our focus towards CP, were the collection of suits was nice and we could easily finalize suit for sumit. for sherwani my friends suggested chandini chowk, we went there and found a good collection of sherwanis, most of the shops were quite congested with little or no space to even change but the level of bargining that you do was amazing, for instance we finalized on a sherwani that the deler was quoting to be as Rs 12500, and will some barganing we were able to buy the same sherwani for Rs 5000. So whenever you are looking forward to shop for sarees, lahenga, sherwani, etc. Chandini Chowk is the place to look for.
and if you plan to go there don't miss the paranthe wali gali and natraj ke dhahi bhalle :)

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