Thursday, June 7, 2012

Corporate lies

Have you ever seen attrition statistics of a company, no I am not saying they are made up numbers, they are real. but there is a lot of interesting things that go behind the scene.
Generally a company will list only those people who quite their organization and join some other organization under attrition figures. The rest of the people are the ones who left the organization due to health/personal reasons or higher studies etc.
This point also all these figures are correct and there is nothing wrong here. The interesting part of the story starts when we learn that even though a large chunk of people who said that they are leaving due to  personal/health reasons were actually joining other organizations.
What could have made them tell lies.
Company will generally have a notice period, this can range from one to three or more months, and generally the candidate who is leaving wants it to be as short as possible, and the easiest way to make it short is to say that you want to quite due to health reasons or you want to go for higher studies.
The company is also happy that such candidates are not getting counted in their attrition rate, candidates are also happy that they are getting relieved quickly. :)

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