Tuesday, June 28, 2011

When we bought our first car.

Last month I bought a car, even though I did a lot of research on the internet about the various options that were in my budget limit it was still a difficult task to finally select a model.
Our primary reason to buy a car was that my wife was finding it difficult to commute in the thickly populated BMTC busses. The first thing that went through my head was that since she is not a experienced driver she might find it difficult to drive in Bangalore traffic so it would be a good idea to buy a second hand car as it won't pain that much if it gets few scratches or dents.
We went to a send hand car dealer in JP Nagar and we discovered that second hand cars in Bangalore are very expensive for instance a new Alto costs ~ 3.20 L while a 2007 model Alto costs 2.20 L and the same was seen with other cars like Wagon R, Hyundai etc.
We then decided to buy a new car, the thought that my wife is a beginner when it comes to driving still kept us on the track that we should not be spending too much on our first car. We decided to have a Tata Nano test drive, we went to a Tata showroom and saw Nano, when we sat in this car it was awesome, it feels spacious and the car is really good, the sales guy told us that the test drive car is gone to some place and that we can book a test drive and he can get the car at our place for a test drive, The same day after leaving from there we went for Maruti Showroom and had a look at Alto, Alto was much better the only issue was that it was costing almost as much as Wagon R ( ~4L ), we had a wagon r test drive and liked it we also booked it the same day. With Petrol prices touching 72 we discussed at home that when we are spending something like 4.5L why not try to get a Diesel car instead.
We had a look at Swift and Ritz, no one can "not like" Swift and Ritz was good but the speedometer and dashboard didn't look like a 6 L car to me, and we finalized Swift Diesel.
The only problem this time was that the waiting time was around 4 months. We thought of having a check at other dealers if someone has a lower waiting period, we found one where some one had just canceled his Swift Dzire Diesel version and even though it was slightly out of our reach we borrowed some money from family to get this car.
It has been one month now, I am 100% satisfied with this car.

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