Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend with Suse 11 Beta, FreeBSD

Last weekend I was ready to test SUSE 11 Beta ( 55 days were still to go before its release ) and FreeBSD. Installation of SUSE was great I felt like I am installing a Microsoft product, when I ran it for the first time KDE4 was really cool. I have been using Gnome since quite sometime now and recently KDE4 was a lot talked about in the air, so I wanted to give it a try.
I made some changes in the screen resolution and refresh rate. and restarted the xserver, to my surprise the taskbar didn't load, I restarted the machine but same issue, I then created a new user and the new user desktop was fine, but when I logged on to the new user again the same thing happened.
I reinstalled with Gnome, still many bugs, then I finally installed FreeBSD. as expected it was good from the optimal resource utilization angle, but user friendliness I guess Linux (especially Ubuntu) has an upper hand.

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