Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Marble tile or marble statue

This morning while coming to my office as usual I was listing to radio (my fav shows timeout and matchless music hour on AIR Rainbow), the RJ on the program told an interesting piece of stuff, would like to share over here. she said I tell you a story and tell let me know what would you like to be a marble tile or a marble statue.
Once there was a beautiful marble statue and people in huge number from around the world used come to see and admire its beauty.
One day the marble tiles all around the statue said to the statue
Tiles : statue this is unfair people do not recognize us, they rather step on us to admire you. we should also be given some recognition.
Statue : Tiles do you remember that we are from the same cave.
Tiles : Yes, and this is what makes me even more angry, that we are made out of the same cave still so much disparity.
Statue : Do you remember when the craftsmen started work on you you resisted on his tools.
Tiles : yes, because I didn't like them, he was trying to carve me out, I never let him do that.
Statue : I on the other hand let him use the tools on me, and he was able to comfortably carve the structure what he wanted, and this is the reason what we have difference in status.
Moral of the story is that god made us similar when we were born, but during our early days some of us resisted and escaped from hard work, for which we pay later.

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